Friday, 25 September 2015


Why should we have free time on our netbooks.

I think that the class should have free time when it’s is raining outside and when it’s not raining then the class can play outside.

Every week  when it’s before lunch and playtime  you have to finish your work.I believe that we should have free time so we know how to show respect your device and looking after your belongings.

I think that the class should get free time when they finish all there task that they aspost to do when they are learning on there netbook.One of the things we should get free time for is to do good work and respect your learning.

I think that we should get free time on our netbooks cause have been doing good stuff in class and outside of class.Our problem with games are people a going off task and they are not learning much.The other situation with games is that some of the game

If kids get free time on their netbooks the games that they play can damage their eyes and cause some severe injuries.Kids should not play games and do their learning so they can be smart in every subject and when there a question you can answer.

The problem with games is that people are playing games at school and they are struggling with work.

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