Thursday, 17 September 2015

Argument about uniforms

My arguement is about wheather we should wear school uniform.

Dealing with school uniforms?

We should wear school uniforms to school so that the people in the
community know what school we go to. We are also representing our school when we wear our uniforms outside school grounds. So it is important that we give our school a good name.
A school uniform is a uniform worn primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. Dealing with school uniforms is a big issue because people might think that our school is not a healthy learning community centre and also you will have to wake up and wear any clothes you want and that will make you  horry and embarrassed. Then it makes the government think what a bad school and he will never put a school like that.

What kind of clothes should you wear?

Without uniforms kids can wear whatever they want, which is all good and well, but there is a lot of judgement.

Not respecting our rights

I think that teens should not wear school uniforms because that is violating our rights. We have the freedom of speech so we should be able to wear whatever we want to school.We have the freedom of speech so we should be able to wear whatever we want to school.
I think that students should wear school uniforms?

Because, what if they went on a trip and they did not wear uniforms? What if they went on a trip and the building caught on fire and there were a lot of people with no uniforms? No one knows, no one remembers, so I think uniforms are a good thing. School uniforms makes your school bright and shining and makes you look


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