Thursday, 29 March 2012

Miss Boyer took a pictures  of  Baden Timote and me at the Glen Innes pools.
I am on the right of the picture .  We watched the people swimming
We had a great time.

Roots of empathy

Yay!  We have Roots of Empathy.
Roots of Empathy is a programme
that helps us learn about caring
for babies.
Our tutor is Ally Fulcher.
Ally  showed us all the things we need to know to
help the baby learn.
After that we got a card
and we made groups.
Ally asked us to think about
some ideas. We discussed them
and decided whether they were
true or false.
Finally we learned a welcome
song and good bye song.

super twins

Title: Supertwins
Author: B.j.james
Illustrated:Chris Demarest

Would you like to read a book
called "SuperTwins'? This Super Twins book is
all about helping people in the
World. And it a cool Chapter book.

Friday, 23 March 2012

All about me

My name is James
I am in room 10
My teachers name is Mrs Boyer.
My favourite  activity at school is maths.