Wednesday, 5 September 2012

My name is James
My name was chosen James because my mum like the name James.
My name  in Tongan is Semisi I like my name Semisi
Was I going to called something else? I was not going to called something
else. I am named after my granddad because my mum liked my granddad's name.
Hi my name is James. And I went on this site that
helps you to learn to order number. I did it well.

When I got to the museum it was cold. When I went in the museum it was warm.
First we put our bags in the cage.Then we followed a teacher called Leanne, she took us up to the natural  history gallery.Then she told us about the old stuff they have to use for weapons when they were fighting for food when they went around the Pacific Ocean. The stuff that they used for weapons is a cloth and a drink  bottle  that you can make sound with. She told us a story in the olden days.In the olden days there was a person who had a boss. The boss told the person to go with his manu and feed it. When he got there he made the seed grow but the  boss’s manu were hungry for food. When they got  back  the boss was angry .