Thursday, 27 August 2015


For Maths I learnt how to use rounding Numbers,Algorithm and also I learnt use place Value.
Next I learnt how to find area's in the lawn and how to measure the lawn.Then we learnt what's
lenght x wenght = area.


Car Wash Recount

The first thing I did on Saturday morning was to have a shower and get my clothes ready to wash some cars. The car wash was at glen brae school Leybourne circle and it started at 7.30 in the morning.

When I got to Glen brae, I had to wait for my mum to get dropped off to work and while I was waiting I had something to do. I had to stand outside and call in some cars so we can raise more money for our camp next term.Then all of a sudden I turned back and  saw my sister driving into wash the car.She came with the tray of drinks and I gave  $20.00 and I got $10.00 change.Then she went of with a nice clean car. The next car that came in was Alisi car it looked so cleaned that it was already clean and ready to go.

The next car I washed was so cool cause I got to wet myself. The coolest part was when I got to wash the window of the car with soap
my hands were going around like circle donuts.

While we were washing, we had some sausage sizzle for lunch it tasted so beautiful that I could taste the mustard and tasted some onion.

In the last part was the coolest. Everything was so free that the table was nearly finish eating and Miss Tiua shouted us sausage sizzle with drinks. That was the happiest day I ever had with the school and teachers. We raised so much money that it nearly went up to $1000 but we actually raised $910.We still need to raise around the 5 thousand more because camp is expensive so we are going to  raise more money   by washing more and selling more food.
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Car Wash

On Saturday 22nd of August we are having a big car wash over at Glen brae School parking ground and we would like the community to come over and help us fund raise for the year 7 and 8 camp. We are also providing food for money to help us fund raise for our  camp we will make your car flash, nice, clean and fresh to go.We will like you to come over and wash your car at 103 Leybourne circle.
Thank You From Glen brae school

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Maths Reflection

Today I learnt that one tenth is bigger then one hundredth and when
its a tenth it moves on. I learnt how to use max maths and I learnt that if its are hundredth it is small.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Qiuz today

For Quiz today I did one for me and one about Kiwi can first I did Kiwi can and after that I did one about my school.Then I sent it to sifa he thought it was funny but it was not then I send it to Bono he said it was cool and then he came first.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Recount about Nan's house

Yesterday my Nan called us to have a BBQ over at her house and we said yes.The first thing in the morning we went and bought some food so we can go with it and cook it over my Nan's house.After we went and drop off our food we went free market and had breakfast after  breakfast  we went bowling at panmure it was the best day ever at the bowling.Suddenly we saw our courses coming through the sliding door and”we said where did you guys come from” and   they “said  just finish coming from the McDonald next to  bowling”.

Next we went over to my Nan's the was not ready yet because it was raining and it was making the meat more watery.