Friday, 14 June 2013


WALT:Write a recount
SC :It must have at least 6 different sentence starters and 2 examples of direct speech and a simile.

“Today is Friday and it’s netball yeah!” shouted Mangila as he smiled at me. We both really like playing netball. Gina put us into groups of 3. Mangila, Siotame,Nunia and Kyana were in my group.Our team was New South Wales we played against Queensland. We lost and they won. Next,  we played against the Underdogs Bono moved as fast as a bullet and they won. Then it was morning tea time and we were all tired and pumping.

Reading book

Hi my name is James F and I read this book.It is a great book and it all about visiting there Mum and Dad.When they landed there Mum and Dad was waiting outside for them to arrived at Samoa.They lived next to the sea where all the fishes and ells are he new every fish in the sea because he use to live next to the sea.then when they went to the market he saw fresh mussel he said that it looks like he was in Auckland.Next they to the beach to have some fun.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

In Auckland the government is selling the land which housed Housing New Zealand houses. People in Glen Innes were very much opposed to this. Tennants were being forced to move out of their houses.
they were forced to get out of the house.The protesters were as loud as
a crowd at a all blacks game.” save our homes they yelled”.”I think that the Police should stop them of taking the house down”.A TV News crew Channel arrived on the scene and set up for live coverage of the protest to be broadcasted on TV.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Room 7 netball

“Today is Friday and it’s netball yeah!” shouted Mangila as he smiled at me. We both really like netball. Gina put us into groups of 3.Mangila, Soitema,Nunia and Kyana were in my group.Our team was new south wale we vs queensland we lost and they
won.Next we vs Underdogs Bono moved as fast as a bullet then it was morning tea.

Friday, 7 June 2013

In the hall was the Duffy show it was only 3 presenters that were in there. One of them was pulling and the others was samoa one was a girl and the other one was boys.They showed us good action in there and good actors .Then we sawed the part how duffy was dreaming in his room He was dreaming about space .Next Word Chart wizzed around space.After that Word chart stole duffys words of
his brain with a plunger.Finally they got  duffys words back
into his brain.In the end I felt cool.

reading work

1. Why was Yeye making the kite?Ai Mei

2. How were Yeye and Ai Mei related?They come from beijing

3. Why were Ai Mei’s parents at the Beijing Airport?Because they went for a visit

4. What was the name of the kite?Jin long

5. Why was Ai Mei home sick when school started?Because she wants to go back home

6. Why did Ai Mei decide to bring Jin Long in on the first day she took
it out to fly?Because she thought that the keit was real

7. What did see on the kite when it landed at her feet?A little letter

8. How was Ai Mei able to keep in touch with her grandfather in
China?Sharing emails together

Activity 2 - Vocabulary - Tuesday

Make sentences with these words.

1. messages was written in black across a corner of the kite.

2. boring gery and that it is Magical because messages fly even if it is raining or the wind is too strong.

3. understand it said Ai mei didn't care whether or not anyone else saw the messages.

4. weather if the weather was fine.

5. upwards the pletes took the plan upwards to the clouds.

6. pointed to the top corner where the calligraphy,only Jin Long started out at them.

7. wished that the wind was out to blow Jin long.

9. confused that she did not like it at her cousin house.

10. different too , and at home , even the rice tasted strange.

Activity 3 - Punctuation - Wednesday

Write these paragraphs using correct punctuations.

at first  new zealand was exciting  ai mei and her parents visited lots of new place before her father began his work at the university and her mother chose a house for them beside a park

yeye would like the green and the space  thought ai mei when they had moved in

Activity 4 - Story Review - Thursday

Write a review of this story.Use the Story Review template.

Title: Against the wind
Author:Cheri Pinner

This story is about..Jin long try be stronger than the wind......................................

The characters in this story are.Jin long,yeye,Ai Mei,Mama ,and ,baba...........................

This story takes place …at china and at school.............................................

I liked this story had story about kite in it..................................

Activity 5 - Title Page - Friday

Design a Title Page for this story. Use Sumo Paint.

Supplementary Activity - Sunshine Online