Friday, 14 June 2013


WALT:Write a recount
SC :It must have at least 6 different sentence starters and 2 examples of direct speech and a simile.

“Today is Friday and it’s netball yeah!” shouted Mangila as he smiled at me. We both really like playing netball. Gina put us into groups of 3. Mangila, Siotame,Nunia and Kyana were in my group.Our team was New South Wales we played against Queensland. We lost and they won. Next,  we played against the Underdogs Bono moved as fast as a bullet and they won. Then it was morning tea time and we were all tired and pumping.

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Glenbrae Blogs said...

Good job James! You have written your recount very well. You have used a simile and direct speech.
Keep up the good work!
Mrs. Raj

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