Friday, 22 February 2013

Swimming Lesson

LI: To use adjectives
Sc: I have used adjectives to describe.

On Thursday I went swimming with my friendly  class. First we put on smooth creamy sun screen. We used flutter boards, they were wet and slippery. I liked the cool water. Our three caring instructors put us into groups. We
learnt free style and back stroke. Then they
call us in to numbers.  I  was in  group 2. Next we hopped in to the cool blue pool in our groups.  We did backstroke, front stroke after 25 minutes we got out.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

swimming lesson

Today is room 7 Swimming Lesson with the Instructors. When we were getting ready to get
in the pool we put on sunblock then the Instructors said 6 people only I was one of them
I was 5th in the pool it was cold. I went to a Instructor she gave me a board I kicked my hards
and swam with  my board it was shallow on the ground. When I was swimming the wave bushed me like a strong wind then it was time to finish.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Bio Poem

James F

Lover of chicken chips fish pizza.

Who wonder I wonder that a skyline can fly in spies I wonder that a boat can sink down in the water.

Who would like to I would like to fly to the pacific ocean I would like to have lots of money .

Strong cool funny.

Who feels excited when we go somewhere cool like the beach and when I go to my cousin's 


Who fears being left alone at home, the dark, deep water and sharks

Who dreams of travelling to space.