Friday, 29 August 2014

Paint job

This article is all about Damon and Mark going to Toy story and Mark bought his new sneakers.
At the pools Mark told Damon that he had new sneakers.  After they swam in the pool they went back and checked for his new sneakers, but it was not there.  Mark went red because he could not find his new sneakers, so he blamed  Damon because Damon was the one who saw him putting it away and then they did not meet up again.

At the end they found out that Damon threw it under the bench.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

Making Bread

WALT:write an explanation on making bread
Success Criteria: My writing will have

1. A title
2.An identifying statement
3.Explanation with a sequere
4.A summary statement
5.Nouns, present tense verbs and time and sequence

Making Bread

Bread is made with flour, salt, yeast, oil and hot water.

First, mix the hot-ish water with yeast,sugar and two cups of flour. Then leave the mixture for about an half hour so it can grow.

After  that, mix three cups of flour with the salt and oil.

Next , mix both of these mixtures together and knead it until it is soft. Leave the mixture aside to rise.

After that , put your dough in the tins and cook in a very hot oven.
Last of all eat and enjoy your bread.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Daily Exercise

Hi my name is James F and Im a year 7 this year and i go
technology.In Technology this what we learnt it was all about Exercise and how to get to school with are bike and a scooter.