Wednesday, 9 December 2015

End of year 8

In the end of year 8 we are going to have a graduation year 8 students that a leaving our school and a levers t shirt cause we are leaving this year and we will invite people to our graduation and we will be saling food and we are also going to have a disco on lunch for one dollar and a car wash on lunch time.In one car there will be 3 people per car and one person for the wheels and 2 for each side we will be also be vanquishing your and this time it will be 2 person will be picking all the big rubbish

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Culture festival

On friday night the whole school did a performance to fundraise money and we also sold food to those people who wanted to eat.
First up for the performance was the maori group next was room two
and then it went to the boys tongan dance I was so nervous but also excited because my group,the tongan boys was up next.
i was in it because Mrs pome called me because I dance way better than the others.

Next was the girls tongan dance after they finish it was done from there then me sifa and timote went and bought a drink cause it was so hot that it was hot in the hall and when we got out it was raining.

After that we felt hungry so me Bono and Sifa went and bought sausages to eat it was so nice and when i got home i had a big sleep.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Today I learnt to give stuff that will respect it and will give it back and don't give stuff that they will not treat it properly.Then we talked about giving stuff like $5 or pencil and dvd to our family,friends and strangers then we talked about lending stuff to others people so they can payback on time and be honest when you pay them back

Friday, 13 November 2015

Manakalani film festial

On Wednesday straight after morning tea we went off to the manakalani film festival at Sylvia
park movies so we can see all the other school's movie they made.When we got in there were lots off
school's that was there they were st Patrick school and Glen Innes primary school it was maybe 10 items were shown to us.After we finish we went back to school and it was nearly finish we all got our bags and waited until the bell rang then we got let out.

My recount on the trip

Yesterday we had left school because we had a trip to go on and we all went down to the hall
and had few talks and then we got let out first because we wanted to be seated at the back on the bus.
We left at 9.30 something  and got there at morning tea it was so cool because they even had flying fox and all different kind of activity to first we had morning tea then got let off to play some games like we were playing ball rush and I was one of the taggers.Then we got called in to get our bags and lined up seated so we had to waited until we get a call to go in.When we got in we were severed by a man called Tim we were severed into the space room where we talked about what kind of planets that has holes and all different kind of question.Next  we went into the movie room where we all sat down and relax while the movie was on some of us where sleeping so when it was time to go out people were still sleeping we were in  trouble.After that we went off on the bus I had a great time at the Stardome planet star.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Dance fever

Today we had dance fever with two teachers and they teached  us hip hop,samba and all different kind of moves.It was so cool dancing with the music.

kiwi can Reflection

Today we had Kiwi can and our points was not good enough because some student's
were not  respecting the teachers and for respect we got 3 out of 5.
I learnt that the are red birds down the south island.