Thursday, 18 June 2015


Today for maths I learnt lots about decimal and even learnt that half of
3000 is 1500.In maths problems it was pretty hard for me because it was about decimal.
I enjoyed maths because I learnt alot of stuff about decimal.


One day there was one little dinosaur and his name was James. He
was a T-Rex and had a big mouth.Also sharp teeth, sharp claws
and he was about 6ft high.

Once he turned 5 years old his mum enrolled him into one of the
highest schools ever.His mum was so excited for James to go to school.
When James got to school there were some kids that were

kind enough to let James play with them.

Kiwi can

Today we had Kiwi can I learnt that reliability means trusting other people and
being on time to class.Then we had Energizer it was body beats i was in group 4 and when my group went
i went to group 3.After that we had a game called hand ball i was group 3 then we got split up to
1 whole team the score was 2 all.Then it was time for points we got 21 this week and 19 and a half last week.Kiwi can is so cool because it learning about famous people

Friday, 12 June 2015

Madd diary

Today we had MADD workshop it was Petia we learnt about not making mistake and about ten thousand hours.The other thing that we learnt was No is Nowlegde It means joining in to other games and trying to play with others.Today we had MADD workshop we learnt about making mistake and learning the next time you do a mistake.Then we had another thing that said No is Knowledge It means that when you join in to other games.

Friday, 5 June 2015

reading work

Do you think it is a true story? Why? Why not?The story is true because Te Horeta sign the waitangi history.

Where did Te Horeta keep the nail?Te Horeta got the nail from the ship

What was the name of the ship Captain Cook sailed?
the name of the ship was endvour

What did Te Horeta do with the nail?
Te Horeta caved a big waka and made holes.

Why were the adults visiting Captain Cooks ship?
Because they want to see how the ship form.

Why were the children frightened Captain Cook and the people of the ship?
The ship had guns and big sales

Why was Te Horeta sad to lose the nail?
because that was the only thing that captain cook gave him when he left.

Why did Captain Cook give Te Horeta the nail?
becaus they had Nothing to use

Why do you think Te Horeta enjoyed telling the story of meeting Captain Cook?
because that was the first time captain cook came


Swimming pool is so cool.
Splashing like a tsunami in the pool.
I hear the bell ringing and singing
I feel air blowing as are sand storm is gonna come

School is learning and earning points
One is about going back to school
While another one talks about
The first day of school

Sports,clubs,and activities
At every single turn
So much to do
Study and learn

I like coming to school
Because I learning is cool
I am growing more and more everyday
With awesome peers 
Great teachers
And fun days