Friday, 5 June 2015

reading work

Do you think it is a true story? Why? Why not?The story is true because Te Horeta sign the waitangi history.

Where did Te Horeta keep the nail?Te Horeta got the nail from the ship

What was the name of the ship Captain Cook sailed?
the name of the ship was endvour

What did Te Horeta do with the nail?
Te Horeta caved a big waka and made holes.

Why were the adults visiting Captain Cooks ship?
Because they want to see how the ship form.

Why were the children frightened Captain Cook and the people of the ship?
The ship had guns and big sales

Why was Te Horeta sad to lose the nail?
because that was the only thing that captain cook gave him when he left.

Why did Captain Cook give Te Horeta the nail?
becaus they had Nothing to use

Why do you think Te Horeta enjoyed telling the story of meeting Captain Cook?
because that was the first time captain cook came

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