Friday, 31 July 2015

technology cooking at tamaki college

At Technology we did this cooking called spaghetti  polonaise sauce with some mince and some celery first we had to dice up the onion and then we had to mash the garlic with an wooden hand
and the put all of the ingredients in the frying pan.After we eat we cleaned up our dash washing and waited until the bell rang.

Thursday, 30 July 2015

Child abuse report

Child abuse report

In Other types of maltreatment recognized by some states and experts include Abandonment and Trafficking. Certain risk factors that have been strongly linked with maltreatment include Parental Substance Abuse and Religious or Cultural Beliefs and Practices.

I think that child abuse should be banned by the government because lots of little kids are getting hurt and they are come school sad.

Monday, 20 July 2015

My Holiday

YAS! It's the term 2 holiday and it's time to have some good fun.

One day when I was walking outside I heard there was Mac Donald's so I ran so fast
and check if there was mac Donald's and there was I was eating hardcore

The next day I heard that we are going to bowling I was excited because it was my first time going laser strick and bowling. When I was playing laser strick I was in the blue group cause there was to 
many people in red when it was time up I walked out and bang on to the wall and fell down it was sore .
Next game was the game zone it was so call becuase I got to play this cool as game suddenly I my sister playing game she won 500 hundred tickets and when I tried it I got 9 tickets so it was BAD!
For me becuase my  tokens were gone.After that we went bowling I had to wear this shoes so I can 
Throw  properly as we we're playing I saw so e that I know he was my course. It got better and even fun it was more exciting then before.After we finished bowling we were all tired and very hungry so my big sister said to me trip some money cause I had 100 hundred dollars from my dad so said I will trip I 
$20.00 and went takeaways and went home eat there .after we went to matariki and that's was holiday.