Friday, 13 November 2015

My recount on the trip

Yesterday we had left school because we had a trip to go on and we all went down to the hall
and had few talks and then we got let out first because we wanted to be seated at the back on the bus.
We left at 9.30 something  and got there at morning tea it was so cool because they even had flying fox and all different kind of activity to first we had morning tea then got let off to play some games like we were playing ball rush and I was one of the taggers.Then we got called in to get our bags and lined up seated so we had to waited until we get a call to go in.When we got in we were severed by a man called Tim we were severed into the space room where we talked about what kind of planets that has holes and all different kind of question.Next  we went into the movie room where we all sat down and relax while the movie was on some of us where sleeping so when it was time to go out people were still sleeping we were in  trouble.After that we went off on the bus I had a great time at the Stardome planet star.

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