Thursday, 2 April 2015

Term 1 Reflection

In the start of the year we had life caravan it was really cool because
we learnt lots of new stuff like how your heart works and how your body
moves.In life caravan we also do lots of watching about people getting drugs from other people.

Then we had Cricket it was cool and fun cause we got to play our game
and learnt about over arm throw and how to catch a ball.One of our
coach his name was Matt he was so disappointed with us because
we disrespected him and we did not listen him.

Next we had kiwi can in the first day of kiwi can we were all
excited because we wanted to know what was gonna happen.It was cool because we learnt lots of respect and we also learnt about communicating with other people.

After that we had touch rugby in touch rugby we did trials like passing the ball and putting up your target.Our coach was Erich he teached us so many things about touch rugby.Then we had a game of touch because
it was the last day for him to teach us touch rugby.Our team won just by 4 points it was cool cause we all got to learn how to play touch rugby.

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