Thursday, 23 May 2013

Travel light cavern recount

Title Travel light cavern recount   
Orientation: who, what, where?IT WAS IN THE HAll.In the hall was e waste stuff,power
bike ,Geckos and vines,Magnified Insect and travel log.     

Events: what happened?

First.....We went to the hall and we meet Ms.Kelly & Ms.kate then we talked about environment and how to keep the world clean and safe.

Then.....We were put into groups of six.My group really ejoy serach on google and looking at my house and srteet.

Next.....We went on the travel log we took turns it was cool I was first and then  Timote,

Finally.....We finished our Activity then went to the hall .

Conclusion: I thought that........I  would make a pledge to turn of the light when ever I
go out of the room.

feelings and thoughts   actions   descriptions   details   what do you think?

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